Author Topic: The most populated port in Runescape  (Read 516 times)

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The most populated port in Runescape
« on: November 26, 2021, 07:30:50 AM »

It is possible to RuneScape gold kill all players on the Enimies ship. NPCs cannot be attacked. The stern of each boat has a forfeit button. This lets the boat and its crew to be returned to the mainland, along with their belongings. The loot is a combination of items on the boat and things players take when they lose their lives.

Redmonke suggested that you requires a cape. I was thinking it should feature a drawing of a vessel on the cape, and a sailor in the backround. The message could be: You try to get onto a mini-ship and then begin sailing across the sea. It's an easy concept, but it would be quite hilarious. Girfaniam suggested Fishing Boats. I'm adding to his suggestion.

You can make a fishing boat at level 20. This boat is a small wooden rowboat. The fishing boat will get larger as your level rises. Also on your ship you will be able to go to the port side as well as the PORT SIDE ONLY (Unless there are any weapon restrictions there) You'll be able to fly fishing or utilize a standard fishing rod. You could also go fishing with this experience. You can fish for food when you're out of food. It is also possible to visit the nearest port.

As suggested by a number of users and as shown on other topic's this will require a quest. Here's my lame and made-up quest. It's a Sailor's Life for Me! The difficulty is easy. Length Medium. Requirements: Good food or armor and fishing rod. Capability to take down a 200 level Sea Serpent Using only Range, Mage, Cannons or Catapults. You must complete Pirate's Treasure Quest.

Walkthrough: Begin The Sailor's Life for Me! The most populated port in Runescape, Port Sarim. You can talk to Trader Stan who will inform you that he'll teach you how to construct ships similar to his. His ships are built to order and you'll know that! You ask him how and He says that you must retrieve things for him. Redbeard Frank's Priate Hook is the very first thing you will need. Additionally, you'll require a Jug of Wine and buy 2007 runescape gold Karajama Rum. 5k is an option. Also, you will require the peg leg.